Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello 2014 Spring!


1) Lola (boxer) loves sleeping in.  Sometimes if she doesn't want to wake up, she will make the funniest groans for a few minutes to tell you her thoughts on getting up.

2) Chloe seriously is prone to getting an ear infection each time the weather shifts.  It's great to know right off the bat when this happens because she starts hiding under things as the infection messes with her hearing/visual/etc.  Lola cannot understand her change in behavior though and will whine for her to come out of her hiding spot frequently.

3) Lola is afraid of wind, and rain.  As it is her enemy, she barks at both, frequently.

4) Two words: Star Wars

5) Chloe usually gets her toys taken away from Lola.  In an effort to get the one she wants, she will get a toy she doesn't care for so that Lola grabs that one, allowing her to steal her initial toy back. Smart cookie.

6) Both dogs favorite movies consist of all things Vin Diesel.  They stop and watch it frequently if he's on.  Proof below of a fast and furious movie (she does this with other Vin Diesel moves as well)

7) Lola loves to have Chloe chase her back and forth from the living room to the bedroom.  She gallops, no running, she gallops.

8) Chloe has to make your lap a birdie's nest and she'll lay in it.  She doesn't take no for an answer, she will spread your legs open with her paws frequently and force her way in.

9) I swear Chloe has thumbs...she curves her toys in ways i've never seen a dog do.

10) They must sense that when in car frequent farting must go on.  Every's not normal.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Too long and no posts!

iBostonterrier featured chloe today with a link to our blog.  Yikes!  Nothing has been posted in a while, but the nice little PR from that site has put a little jumpstart on some updates.

So the first may notice something new...

"Her name was Lola..she is a boxer"
Lovely Lola was added to our family about a month ago.  We found her in the Dog Shelter.  She is a boxer mix, about close to 40 pounds and now is 11 months old.  She was a bit timid at first and we're still working on her socializing with other dogs.  At first I wasn't sure how she'd do with Chloe, as with other dogs in the pound she was standoffish.  They have their moments, but for the most part they play really well and do a good job of tiring each other out!

It came from my phone, so it's not the best, but I'll try and put some better ones up later!

Lessons I'm learning from Lola:
1) She is one smart cookie.  Lola has figured out how to open our sliding door to our back yard if it's unlocked.  If Chloe is in her crate and Lola doesn't want her in it, she'll pull the knob and let her out.  The best, Lola will pee in the crate if we have a blanket in there.  So when we leave , we take the blanket out.  One night the blanket was still in paw's reach of her and the crate, so she pulled tufts of it inside through the wire and angled herself to pee on it.  It caused a mess on the blanket, the carpet, and her crate.

I couldn't help but laugh, be surprised and frustrated all at the same time.

Lola is so smart, and she is SO GOOD with children and people.  Funny, Chloe, love her to death, tends to be high strung even at age 1 around people.  She LOVES people, but she loves to jump and try to get in their face to give them kisses.  Lola is gentle, and more polite about it.  If we go out somewhere in public that is ok for pets, Lola we never have to worry about :)

I love them dearly, but they are both a handful!  I cannot wait til they are a little older, as experts say the older pets get the calmer they are...Were they REALLY considering if that's possible with a Boston or a Boxer though? :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Humans see furniture and pending on what it is, sit or lay on it accordingly. Dogs see anything with cushion as an opportunity to lay on it, however they see fit. Lol

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chloe Chaos, at it's finest

She's almost 8 months now, and still tears up our living room when playing, as if she has wings, the only problem is she's finding out she's a bit too big to by flying under the couch.  Hilarious.  She's in no danger of hurting herself, promise.

In other news, we have a screen door that she tore a hole through a couple months ago.  It's replaced, and the nice weather we have been having has allowed us to open the doors.  I was wondering if we would have the same mishap (she doesn't see it, runs at full speed, rips through it like superman at a flying rate).  She runs at full speed still, but stops and sticks her nose up against the netting.  Smart girl, no hole, happy momma :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anger replaced by opportunity, getting to know Chloe's quirks

Chloe keeps me entertained all day long.

Lately, I can't help but laugh at some of her crazy obsessions.

I should be mad when:

I call her to come in from being outside in our back yard (fenced in), but I'm not

I catch her getting into the bath tub, just to look around, have a lick, but I'm not

I catch her with dirty laundry that she's pulled into the living room (ok, I do get mad at this yet it's my fault if I left the door open and she does it when company is over)

Initially I was so adament that she needed to be trained a certain way so she understood me and my language.  Over time she picked up on my commands, and over time I got frustrated when she would rebel and not listen.  Until that is, I realized there isn't one command that she refuses to do.  She knows all of them, and any time she didn't listen, it was to certain ones.  When I figured that out, I paid attention to what it was distracting her if she wasn't listening to me.


I learned a lot about her, her funny quirks, and her personality.  I saw these situations in a new light, and my anger was quickly replaced by laughter and a chance to re-focus on how to interact with her.


See, I don't get mad if she doesn't come from the backyard when I call right away because this isn't an issue most times, and when she doesn't it's usually because she is enjoying the nice warm weather we're getting.

I don't get mad about the bathtub, honestly, I'm amazed at 1) how she gets in with her tigger like jumping skills and 2) that she loves to be in it.  I've NEVER seen a dog WANT to get in the bath tub (this girl is getting a little wade in pool this summer!)

I don't get mad about the laundry because I know what she's doing.  She only does it when I'm not paying attention after a while in the house.  She grabs something and brings it in the living room, and lays behind it.  She doesn't chew it, she just lets it sit there.  When I see it, she gets excited, and then I realize, I can't remember the last time that day I threw one of her toys.

Screaming or yelling won't solve any problems, but if I actually look her in the eye, or get down to her level to get her attention, she focuses.  I hope that this continues, and the focus part is not a phase. Hah

Oh, and Chloe LOVES birds, I have to remind myself all the time that she was too little to really notice them when she was born, and by the time she got old enough we were in winter and she didn't really see them.  I plan on trying to catch her in the act of doing it and getting photos - stay tuned if you are intrigued...I'll post on that one later!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

When I got a dog I never...

So here it goes...

I started this blog because I have found I have WAY too many stories of my 7 month pup, and I think I've either started to bore my friends to death with them, or that is too much the center of my conversations.  Hah, welcome to new dog ownership I guess.  I needed an outlet, and a way to not blast other's facebook feeds with continuous Chloe posts.  If you're reading, bless your heart, and may you be entertained.

First off, I commend anyone who has children.  I do not, and that's not a road my husband and I are ready to take at this point.  However, training a puppy has from what I have seen, similar characteristics when dealing with toddelers.  From this observation, there are several things I never expected from this dog so here it goes.

When I got Chloe, I never expected...

1) That she was SO LITTLE.  Chloe was the runt, at 8 weeks she weighed 3 pounds.  I turned into an EXTREME worry wart because she was so small, and so sensitive to everything around her!

2) She'd grow SO FAST.  I'm pretty sure we went through several collars within the first 5 months and finally I feel as though the growing is starting to slow down.

3) The vet costs to be so much, however, when your dog needs to go there's no questions asked.  You do it, and that is what a monthly dog expense budget is. Highly recommend to put funds aside so that if you have an emergency, you can take care of it without stressing on the expense.

4) When I got Chloe I never expected it to help our marriage!  Seriously, a dog??? The first couple years of marriage you finally get the communication stuff down, but when you add a plus one to the fam that requires food, attention, sleep (cats don't count haha!), it's something that takes time and patience.  I never realized or thought of the way I wanted to bring the dog up and how that was somewhat different from Steve's training style. And low and behold, we found an area to work on with communicating. I'm so glad we had that opportunity, because it's helped us prepare our lives for whatever comes our way that much more...all because of a puppy 

5) I never expected that little boston to fart so much LOL.  Our little sweetie pie is on Forti Flora now and that stuff is amazing.  It's probiotics for dogs.  Humans get that from yogurt, and dogs get it to.  It's a little packet you sprinkle on dog food and she LOVES it.  Her gas episodes are less frequent, and she plays harder and a lot more than before!

That's all for right now, more stories to come!

Chloe at 3 weeks:

Chloe at 7 months